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Mom With Baby

Moms in Erie and Edinboro want to know: How will I know when I’m in labor? Is there a breastfeeding support group? How do I find a pediatrician? Where are there mom & children playdates? With so many questions, it can be hard to begin searching for answers!


Samantha from My Meadville Doula has been assisting families through pregnancy, birth, & postpartum since 2016. It is her desire to make sure that every parent feels confident and capable. Samantha is able to provide answers to anything and everything birth and baby-related!


Erie and Edinboro mothers should feel like they have everything under control. Samantha from My Meadville Doula makes sure that you feel confident in all of your birthing and parenting abilities. She has taken numerous courses to further her studies and provide families with the best of the best for pregnancy and newborn care.


Having someone there to answer every little question you have can be very reassuring. Whether you would like to know more about hospital protocols, homebirth midwife options, or even breastfeeding or formula-feeding information, Samantha is there to help!


Parenting in Erie & Edinboro does not have to be difficult! Having someone by your side to provide non-judgmental support can help ease the process.


Hiring a doula that has been through it all before can make a world of difference in your birth satisfaction as well as confidence. They can help you decide upon a birth, and even postpartum, plan. They can help you to think about topics you haven’t even considered yet to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. They will be there, by your side, from beginning to end. That is what mothers in Erie and Edinboro really need: a helping hand.

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