Do I need a Doula if my Partner will be There?

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You may be wondering, what’s a doula going to do during my labor that my partner can’t? Of course your partner is an important part of your birth team. You could even say they’re an essential part! However, their role at your birth is a little different than that of your doula’s. Now let me explain why.

Your partner knows a lot about you. You could say they know everything about you. They provide an invaluable form of comfort just by being at your labor. They offer an emotional connection that is unlike any other. Now while they know nearly everything about you, they are not as knowledgeable of birth. This is where your doula comes in.

Your doula is your go-to for labor and birth education. She will tell you what to expect, if something seems abnormal, and what position changes can ease labor pain. She knows just the right words to say to keep you keep your spirits up when things get tough, and she will support you nonjudgmentally, without the aspect of emotional attachment.

Both types of support are wonderful, yet different. However, they complement each other very well. When you have both your emotionally-connected partner and your educational-supportive doula, you have the best support a laboring woman could ask for.

As your doula, I’ll work alongside your partner to give you a highly-supported birth experience. I will not replace your partner. I will simply offer a different kind of support, and it will be one with no judgment. I want to guide you and support you through your birth experience!

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