Baby-proofing 101

Babyproofed Locked Door


Once your little one is able to crawl, you’ll realize that they get into everything. Naturally curious, you may find them trying to investigate all that is around them, from chewing cords to opening cabinets that hold your household cleaners. This is why it’s very important to baby-proof your home before your child is mobile. Read on to learn some tips for keeping that bottle of Clorox far from your baby’s curious hands.


The best way to see what needs to be put up or rearranged is to crawl around every room of your home. It may sound silly, but you’ll be able to see things from a baby’s point of view and know what is within reach and what is dangerous. You may be surprised at everything that is accessible.


Here is a list of some things you can do to make your house a little more baby-friendly:


  • Cover electrical outlets with plastic covers.
  • Block off and hide electrical cords like cell phone chargers. (They pose a strangulation hazard and many contain lead.)
  • Tie up or remove cords on window blinds.
  • Put cushions on sharp corners or edges of furniture.
  • Put latches or locks on cabinets, drawers, and the refrigerator.
  • Keep knives in a locked drawer or out of reach.
  • Anchor easily-toppled furniture like TVs and dressers to the wall.
  • Block off or put a gate around heaters and fireplaces.
  • Lock all windows.
  • Keep lamps and tall fixtures behind other furniture.
  • Clip tablecloth to table, or remove entirely as a baby could pull it down.
  • Consider getting rid of your coffee table, as it is the culprit in many child accidents.
  • Keep pet food up out of reach.
  • Block off the cat litter box.
  • Block off or put up houseplants.
  • Make sure doors to unsafe rooms are locked or gated off.
  • Block deck openings that are wider than 4”.
  • Block entry to swimming pools with a self-latching gate.

Some of these tasks should be completed sooner than others. Use common sense and do what you think is necessary as you go. However, you should try to always be one step ahead of your little one, although that’s never easy!

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