Bird Nest


Nesting. It may sound like something a bird would do, but it is an urge that strikes many pregnant women toward the end of their pregnancy. For some the impulse never arises, but for others you’ll feel an insatiable need to have everything in order in your home. You may find yourself dusting places you’ve never dusted before, scrubbing the carpet, alphabetizing the bookshelf, and disinfecting every possible surface. The tasks you come up with may seem extreme to others, but to you they are necessary!


The inclination to nest is a primal instinct meant to prepare for and protect your baby. An increase in adrenaline that occurs around the 38th week of pregnancy only further increases your desire to scrub the whole house with a toothbrush. Try to avoid any tasks that require you to climb a ladder or lift heavy objects, though. You don’t need to hurt yourself or overdo it, especially this close to labor. Prioritize what is most important to do first, like getting diapers and clothes ready. You should also think about making and freezing some dinners ahead of time if you can as cooking will be the last thing on your mind after your baby is born. With all the focus on the impending arrival of your little one, be sure not to forget about yourself. Taking frequent breaks to relax will keep you from getting overwhelmed.


If the compulsion to clean never strikes you (along with the energy to do it, of course), hiring an antepartum doula can make things a lot easier. They can assist with many household tasks to help get your home ready for your baby, so you don’t have to. If you need an experienced organizer and baby-proofing expert, contact Samantha at My Meadville Doula. You deserve to relax while you still can!

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